The ministry of supplication by Zacharias Tanee Fomum highlights the power of genuine, earnest and fervent prayer.

It explains in detail the beauty of effectively pouring out one's heart to God, and gives practical steps on how to do so.It is useful for both mature and new believers who want to grow in the art of prayer, fasting, and travailing in prayer. Using Hannah as an example, we are enlightened on what it truly means to carry a burden from the Lord and seek that His will alone be done in our lives. Samuel was not only conceived as a result of Hannah's desire to bear children for her beloved husband, Elkanah, but also as a result of her desire to see Israel's need for an Oracle met, in a time when rebellion against God was the order of the day.

In the book, 'The'Ministry of Supplication', we are also introduced to the ministry of provocation through Penninah, Hannah's co-wife. Peninah's constant taunting and rebuke served as a catalyst for Hannah's prayers and brought about the bitterness of soul and brokenness of spirit that stirred the heart of the Most High God and move Him to open her womb. Samuel was conceived as a result of Hannah's great grief, broken heart, and deep anguish to see the Lords desires met. This book not only sheds light on the power available to believers who earnestly and honestly supplicate, but it brings to the fore how powerfully God desires to move in the life of those who seek His will above all else.